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Twonk – La Phase D’augustine (Sam’s Flight Mix)


Twonk – Make L.O.V.E.


Twonk – La Femme Objet


Life Is What You Make It (Twonk’s Edit) released on Beard Science

Released by: Beard Science
Release/catalogue number: BEARD 006
Release date: Mar 26, 2012

Twonk – Let Us Dance


Twonk – Rumble Inn

Twonk In Heat – Animale

Twonk – Ride On (Ft. Marc Matthews)

Twonk – Keep Dancing (leo’s 8am remix)

Twonk – Final Belle (“I wish I could talk in technicolor”)

Inspired by the famous youtube clip, this is our take on psychedelic, disco house.
Feedback is welcome!

Odyssey – Inside Out (Twonk’s vocal remix)

Odyssey – Inside Out (Twonk’s vocal remix)

The Twonk entry to the Odyssey – Inside Out remix competition from We need your support!!

Sequential Circuit – Pro One

While repairing Leo’s Pro-One (it’s fixed now, thanks Barry), was surprised and delighted to discover some cool artwork on the PCB.

You got to love those vintage synths. Hope that doesn’t make me sounds like a real nerd…

Twonk vs Paul Simpson Connection – Use me Loose me


James Otis White – Baby Come On (Twonk Dub)

All you got to do is smile :-)


Happy Halloween

Thriller (Twonk’s “funk of 40,000 years” remix)

TWONK – La Grace Of God

The Twonk collective presents La Grace Of God, deep jazz house with a touch of disco inspired by the 1979 disco hit “There But For The Grace Of God Go I” by Machine. Wrongly understood of being racist at the time when it was the complete opposite.
Jpye (Programming, Mixdown), Iamrobd(Programming), Leonidas (Programming), SamB (Keys), Renato Tonini (percussions), Nina (Vocal).

La Grace Of God by Twonk


Chicken Lips – Sweet Cow (Vache Qui Rit Twonk mix)

Chicken Lips – Sweet Cow (Vache Qui Rit Twonk mix)

Twonk entry for the DJHistory/Sweet Cow remix competition

TWONK – Machine

Double click on me, click my buttons…


TWONK – Oh Tom Madness

Remember autumn 2009, the Government’s chief drugs advisor, Professor David Nutt, declared that booze and fags are more dangerous than LSD, ecstasy and cannabis. The Twonk collective doesn’t condone drugs ;-) but it supports David Nutt’s honesty and courage for speaking the truth.

Many thanks to Samb for his fantastic Kool and the Gang like Moog line.

Enjoy ;-)=~

Two Dollar Hooker cover of The Afghan Whigs – Somethin’ Hot (Twonk Remix)

Two Dollar Hooker – Somethin’ Hot (TWK RMX01)


First Twonk related post on Berryfield Records. :-D

This a remix of the great Two Dollar Hooker cover of The Afghan Whigs – Somethin’ Hot, Oh yeah baby! YEAH!

Got a rumour this is going to be properly released on wax…More news as it comes.

(If you are the content owner of the covered song and have a problem with this post let us know and we will remove it)

Buy the original


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